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We treat both abdominal pathologies and chronic illnesses both surgically and medically:

- Chronic abdominal pain
- Joint and muscle pain
- Circumcision from 4 years old
- Scar pain after an operation
- Varicose veins
- Anal pain
- Cancer
- Chronic wounds

Collection center

The Polyclinique Helvétique du Rhône works in close collaboration with the laboratoryLabMGD.

We want to offer you a panel of specialized analyzes that will meet your needs. Its role is to provide reliable analysis results based on accredited methods, regularly controlled and re-evaluated.

For further information, please click on the following link….LabMGD

Prélèvement d'échantillons
Centre de prélèvement
Docteur en tenant la main du patient


Infusions of vitamins, iron and other essential nutrients are treatments aimed at quickly restoring deficient levels in the body.


Unlike oral absorption, infusions allow direct absorption into the bloodstream, providing an energy boost, improved immunity and overall revitalization.

These personalized treatments are administered under the supervision of healthcare professionals to address nutritional deficiencies quickly and effectively, allowing individuals to regain vitality and well-being.


Minimally invasive technology

It allows you to operate through small incisions with the help of fine instruments and mini-cameras. Less traumatic, this technique is about to become the rule in many interventions.

- One to five small incisions are enough
- Lead to less bleeding and less risk of infection
- The reduction in pain shortens the time spent in the hospital.

Médecin et patient

General medicine

General medicine, the basis of health care, focuses on prevention, early diagnosis and management of common health problems.


It addresses the physical, mental and social aspects of health, offering routine care, health advice and follow-ups adapted to each patient, thus promoting a better long-term quality of life.

Médecine générale


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), naturopathy occupies 3rd place in traditional medicine and is defined as “a set of treatment methods aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by means considered natural and organic. .

It is a preventive and holistic approach that considers the human being as a whole
taking into account the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic dimensions.

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