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Aurélie Bonaldi N.D

Nurse and Naturopath

General care


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My journey


Passionate about holistic health and overall well-being, I am a healthcare professional with over 16 years of diverse experience in the medical field. My journey began as a nurse who graduated from the Haute École de Santé in Geneva in 2007, where I acquired solid expertise in conventional medicine and nursing.

Over the years, my interest in complementary approaches and traditional medicines guided me towards naturopathy.


As a training practitioner since 2017, I sought to deepen my knowledge and skills, and in 2023, I obtained my scientific basis naturopath diploma from the Académie de Vitalopathie, a renowned higher school of naturopathy in Dijon.

My vision of health goes beyond traditional or conventional methods. I believe in an integrative approach, harmoniously combining conventional medicine and traditional medicine to offer complete care for the body and mind.

My commitment is to support my clients towards optimal well-being by approaching health holistically. My consultations are based on an in-depth vitality assessment, allowing the development of personalized lifestyle advice programs.


I also use various natural techniques such as adapted nutrition, emotional management, hydrology, manual and reflex techniques as well as herbal therapies to support the body's natural self-regulation process.


As a practitioner, I strive to be a trusted and dedicated resource, guiding my clients toward harmonious balance and fulfilling lives.



My specialties

  - Food

  - Emotional management

  - Manual techniques

  - Reflex techniques

  - Phyto-aroma-gemmo therapies


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