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The laser

Anal pathology, varicose veins


The biolitec laser is designed to work in perfect combination with a wide range of special medical fibres and application kits.

- ELVeS® :
Offers you the latest laser technology for the gentle and effective treatment of varicose veins. Whether it is tributaries, saphenous veins (small or large), telangiectasias or laser valvuloplasty, we have the right laser and accessories.

- LHP® :
Whether it is the safe treatment of hemorrhoids or the gentle removal of fistulas: We use state-of-the-art technology so that you can enjoy all the benefits of minimally invasive therapy.

Offers a technique using flexible cystoscopy under local anaesthesia or even without anaesthesia in outpatient settings for the treatment of bladder tumours, strictures and condylomas.

All of these treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and in the office or clinic. The aim is to reduce the time spent in hospital, to reduce pain management after the procedure and to enable patients to resume their daily activities more quickly.

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