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Electroporation - Radio frequency

Male and female pelvic pathology


Vagy Combi is the non-invasive and completely painless solution for all women or men who require perineal tissue strengthening to minimise disorders that affect sexual activity as well as urinary and faecal continence disorders. Both treatments use the principles of radiofrequency and electroporation.

These treatments are performed exclusively on an outpatient basis.

TREATMENT OF PAIN BY ELECTROPORATION Cicatricial, osteo-tendinous, articular, musculo-tendinous.


We also use electroporation for the treatment of acute or chronic pain. Indeed, this technique allows us to use the same medication that you take daily but in the form of a cream. This has the advantage of lesser effects in the rest of the body (less than 6% absorption). The electroporation probe allows us to act locally and without any pain.

We frequently use them for pain treated by infiltration (injections of long-acting solution) which we replace with non-invasive electroporation (with the same products).

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