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Naturopathy is based on 5 principles

- vitalism: strength, vital energy.
- humor: humors, that is to say overloads or deficiencies of the body, can lead to physiological imbalances in the body.
- causalism: the search for the cause at the origin of the dysfunction.
- hygiene: the different natural and healthy lifestyle techniques.
- holism: the global approach to the person.

Naturopathic support is based on individualized lifestyle advice (dietary advice, breathing exercises, physical activity, stress and emotion management) and natural techniques and tools (aromatherapy, phytotherapy, massage, reflexology) with the aim of optimize a healthy lifestyle and revitalize the body's ability to self-regulate.

In no case does naturopathy replace conventional medicine. These are two complementary approaches.

The naturopath has the role of health educator, he accompanies, guides and helps the person to live in harmony with themselves by meeting their needs and taking into account their personal resources. It makes the individual an actor in their own health.

Paratical naturopathic techniques

- food: dietary advice, seasonal cures, fasting, etc.
- emotional management: the use of Bach flowers, the practice of exercises
- hydrology: the use of water internally and externally to improve
cellular exchanges by mobilizing humors (blood, lymph, extracellular fluid).

- manual techniques: well-being massage allowing a moment of relaxation, letting go and naturopathic massage: deeper massage for
relieve muscular tension, release the joint and find a better range of motion
- reflex techniques: relaxing plantar reflexology: it provides
sensation of deep relaxation to combat anxiety and stress and cardiac coherence: it allows you to learn to control your breathing to regulate anxiety
and stress.
- phyto-aroma-gemmo therapies: the use of plants in different
forms (fresh, dried plants, essential oils, buds).

Naturopathic consultation


She is composed :

- a vitality assessment: interview lasting 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes to collect information
detailed information on state of health and lifestyle: birth, medical and surgical history, medication, diet, hydration, digestion, elimination, sleep, etc.
- the use of a naturopathic technique.
- a personalized lifestyle advice program.


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