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Bureau avec Stethoscope

Our vision of Surgery

We see in this innovative patient care project an enormous development potential not only for the medical practice, but also for the neighborhood.

All this in a real win-win situation.


The project would include pediatric surgery (subject to anesthesiologist approval), visceral surgery, gynecological surgery, urological surgery, simple thoracic surgery, endocrine surgery and general surgery.

Our team is composed of two associates, Dr. Altwegg Guillaume and myself, Dr. Abbassi Ziad, three nurses, two medical secretaries and an administrative manager.


We collaborate with an endocrinologist surgeon, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon and a general practitioner-nutritionist.


The uniqueness of this team is that each member has an expertise.


These areas of expertise complement each other and allow the team to innovate.


Driven by our desire to become independent and to provide a quality service to our patients, we have decided to join forces to create our clinic, which will reflect our philosophy in terms of working environment and quality of care.


For this purpose, we have chosen to set up our clinic in the city of Geneva, at rue de Rhône n° 118.


This ideal arcade in terms of location and visibility will directly propel the beginning of our activity.


Thanks to our proximity to the Rive parking lot, the only parking lot in the entire shopping street, as well as numerous bus and streetcar stops (2, 6, 9, 10, 25, 33, A, E. G, G+, T71), access to the practice will be easier.


Our medical center will provide general and specialized medical services.


We will act in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


We will focus our activity mainly on micro-invasive treatments whenever possible.


We intend to develop laser, radio frequency and electroporation treatments.


Thanks to these different techniques, which will be performed in the office's operating room, patients will be able to be treated under local anesthesia and sedation for pathologies that would usually require surgical treatment under general anesthesia.

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